Writer: Rodrigo Garcia
Translator: Nihal Mumcu
Director: Sercan Özinan
Stage Desginer: Ecem Dilan Köse
Performer: Vahit Sarıtaş
About: Agamemnon, the great commander in Aishkylos's Agamemnon play, who legendly did not come empty after the Trojan war, brought Kasandra as booty. What happens when an ordinary man returns home from a supermarket instead of Troy, with a lot of irrelevant things he never wanted? Lost his control, this guy is asking for supermarket bags with all their weights in front of him and resolving his "basic need": Where should I look for hope in this shitty tragedy?


Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Translated From: Memet Fuat and Dost Körpe
Adaptation-Director: Sercan Özinan
Dramaturgi: Erdal Ozan Metin
Asistant Director: Asya Özkök
Stage Designer: Emrah Kürekçi
Costume and Visual Designer: Rabia Kip
Light Designer: Utku Kara
Performers: Begüm Alınca, Ece Çelikçapa, Hasan Ali Yıldırım, Kamil Can Denizman, Nevzat Cengiz, Sonat Dinçbaş, Umut Can Vicnelioğlu
Thanks to Ali Cüneyd Kılcıoğlu, Prof. Dr. Feray Odman Çelikçapa, Hakan İsmail Şiriner, Tiyatro Oyunbaz
About Performance: Edgar Allan Poe, one of the most important figures in 19th century literature, has inspired many writers in his work and maintains the popularity of The Murders Of Rue Morgue more than a hundred years. Poe's this story, based on a newspaper report in France, deals with the process of murdering with the help of an analyst named Auguste Dupin, an unusual murder committed on Morgue Street. 'The truth is not always in the depths of a well ...We are searching in the depths of knowledge. It is on the top of the mountains ... '


Adaptation-Director: Sercan Özinan
Asistant/Light Operator Hasan Ali Yıldırım
Costume Hilal Polat
Decor Sanem Gençalp
Performers: Deniz Telek Hasan Ali Yıldırım Sercan Özinan
About Performance: 'The Hunger Artist' is the last story of Franz Kafka. The Hunger Artist will continue to be starved at the last day of his life. It's enough for him to be in view and attract the attention on himself. On the other hand, the hunger artist's perform is benefit from the manager. In the process of adaptation, we try to be faithful to Kafka's extensive story.


Co-ordinator: Ece Çelikçapa
Performers: Each performance doing by different performers.
About Performance: The author wrote. The performer and The director didn't make any preparation. When you are in place on stage the performer will start to read the text without no idea about it. At the same time, you'll listen and play too. Because the author want it. Note: Nobody knows anything about what will happen except one person.

The Metamorphosis

Author: Franz Kafka
Translated From Ahmet Cemal, İlknur İgan and Yekta Majiskül
Adaptation - Dramaturgy: Ece Çelikçapa, Sercan Özinan
Director: Sercan Özinan
Light Design: Utku Kara
Light Operator: Kerem Özdoğan
Costume Designer: Hilal Polat
Poster-Teaser: Orkan Varan
Actors: Alper Günay, Ece Çelikçapa, Gökay Mutafoğlu, Gözde Kısa, Sercan Özinan
About Performance: Franz Kafka’s worldwide known play, while it still keeps its popularity, at the same time, it has a relationship link which completely changes almost all social values. Being exposed this relationship fact over the “family” concept by the writer is undoubtedly the most important factor while assuring the play’s popularity. Gregor trapped between the “big” world which he has difficulties to cope with to identify and the world that he created on his own. Just; “Gregor wakes up in the morning…” Thanks to Oyunbaz, Hasan Şahintürk, Oğuz Arıcı, Aytunç Özer


The adaptation story of J.W.Goethe's 'The Sorrow Of Young Werther';
Adaptation-Director: Sercan Özinan
Choreography: Hartvig Hansen
Light Effect: Kerem Özdoğan
Costume: Beril Öke Gülen
Poster-Booklet: Ceyda Karadaş
Actors: Ece Çelikçapa, Esra Yaşar, Gizem Pilavcı, Özge Öztürk, Özgür Özcan
About Performance: Dear Wilhelm; I met a beatiful women on here. Her name is Charlotte. She engaged with a very clever man but this inform not important for me. So, she's not answer to my love. And i decieded Wilhelm, I want to die. And i need some people for to tell my situation.

In 2013, Franz Kafka and his stories of The Burrow and The Metamorphosis was chosen as a research field by Atlas Theatre Research and after that Grete Samsa and The Burrow also adapted for stage. Its showed in Istanbul, Bursa and İzmir.