2013 Documents

The Burrow - F.Kafka (Text - Turkish)
The Burrow - F.Kafka (Without Words Text - Turkish)

2014 Documents

Werther&Lotte - Goethe (Text - Turkish)
Werther&Lotte - Goethe (Text) - English
The Research Of Roberta Carreri’s Solo Performances Analysed From The Point Of View Of Theatre Anthropology - Sercan Özinan (Master Tease - Turkish)
Richard Schechner's Concept Of Performance - Ece Çelikçapa (Master Tease - Turkish)
The Relations Between Professional Theatre Performances and Children's Cultural Life - Beth Junker (Article - Turkish)

2015 Documents

Light Years - Italo Calvino (Text - Turkish)
The Cage - F.Kafka (Text - Turkish)
The Cage - F.Kafka (Text - Russian)
MiNotes From Mike Alfreds's Different Every Night (Research - Turkish)
Notes Of Marxist Aesthetic (Turkish)

2016 Documents

The Murders in the Rue Morgue (Text) - Turkish