Caesuan's Good Man

This text, which Bertolt Brecht constructs through the character of Shen Te/Shui Ta and presents the opposition between good and evil, emphasizes how difficult and testing the process of being a good person in social life is. The events that begin when Shen Te, a good Samaritan who tries to earn a living as a sex worker in a poor city, is rewarded by the gods, will cause the character, who cannot stand the exploitation of her good intentions, to create another identity named Shui Ta. The play reveals the difficulties of being good in the wild life conditions of capitalism, as well as how evil has become natural and incorporated into the system.

Author: Bertolt Brecht
Translation: Özdemir Nutku
Director: Sercan Ozinan
Dramaturg - Assistant Director: Cinar Tasdemir
Assistant Director Zivan Arya Çelik
Music: Paul Dessau
Music Director Metin Bahtiyar
Vocal Coach Adnan Ata Yigit
Costume and Stage Design: Polat Canpolat
Light Design: Ilayda Erdinç
Movement Pattern: Köksal Ünal
Poster Design: Ethem Onur Bilgiç
Players: Abdurrahman Merallı, Burcu Tokuç, Ece Çelikçapa Özinan, Enes Yavuz, Gülçin Yiğit, Kardelen Arpacı, Kutay Karagülle, Lütfi Can Bulut
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BAU Conservatory, Pat Workshop, Primatölye, Rabia KİP

Uysal Kadın

Tame Woman

'After death, what truth is there to speak of?'
Maksim Gorki
This story, which Fyodor Dostoevsky described as fantastic, was written just after a suicide.
is about the internal reckoning that follows. After her husband's suicide
trying to find the cause and build bridges with the past, Adam tries to find out why she is dead.
constantly trying to communicate with his body. But the 'truth' is never
as long as it is an unknowable and malleable phenomenon.
will not fail to remind you.

Fyodor Dostoevsky - The Tame Woman
Translation: Göksu Birol, Mehmet Özgül and Mehmet Yılmaz
rewritten with the help of translations.
Adapted - Directed by: Sercan Özinan
Assistant Director Ömer Faruk Çiçek - Çınar Taşdemir
Assistant Zivan Arya Celik
Dramaturgy Ece Celikcapa Ozinan
Decor - Lighting - Costume: Polat Canpolat
Movement Design: Dicle Dogan
Director of Photography Emre Pekçakır
Poster Ethem Onur Bilgiç
Technical Responsible Cinar Tasdemir
Cast: Burcu Tokuç, Ece Çelikçapa Özinan, Melih Efeçınar
Thank you:
BAU Conservatory, Güneş Uydaş, PAT Workshop, Primatölye